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"I'm the type of person who has always had trouble recommending or selling something that I don't fully endorse.  My conscience just won't allow it."


Please read on ...

We have all made or heard rumblings about the young people today and their cell phones.  Well, it's no longer just young people.  Decision makers, young and old alike, are now searching and surfing while on the go.  Studies show that mobile device searches have now surpassed desktop and laptop searches which means, most people are using hand held devices to search for businesses and products.  If you want web exposure, it is essential to reach out to and accommodate the mobile users.

SSS is now offering Mobile Friendly Websites starting at $499, which includes complete site setup and the first year's hosting.  This price compares to the cost of an online Yellow Pages ad for just one month.  After year one, all you pay is $15 per month for hosting.  So, you could get an entire mobile site for $320.  Let us do a professional Facebook page for your business and you've got a Triple Whammy!

How SSSMobile works ...

Upon arrival at your existing main site, a test is performed to see what device the visitor is using and it automatically redirects them to your mobile site if they are using a phone.

Take Advantage Of Smart Phone Technology

  • GPS directions & mapping to your location
  • Facebook & Twitter interfaces
  • Pages designed to fit all phone screens
        (no pinching or swiping sideways)
  • Click to call and/or add to contacts button
  • Increased search engine visibility

    mobile web sites
    A picture is worth a 1,000 words ...

    Visit this site,, using your desktop or laptop and at the same time connect to the same site using a smart phone and play with some options.  You'll see two different sites depending on the device you are using.

    SSS is very excited about this product and would love to help you implement this technology in order to help your business get noticed and grow.

    Please contact me for more information, more demo links or with any questions.  I'd be glad to meet and discuss it over a coffee.

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